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Born in Soumgaït, industrial town of Azerbaijan, ex-republic of disappeared Soviet Union,I’m living in France since September 1986.
Wilderness and nature lover since ever, I’m grateful to my father, who transmitted his devoted passion for Mother Nature to me.
Hunter at his leisure, he would prefer to have a camera instead of a gun, alas an unattainable dream in Soviet Union those days.
My special thanks go to my husband for his moral, physical and financial supports.
His numerous professional expatriations permitted us to travel and live abroad and became a turning point of my interest for nature photography.
I’m thankful as well to my children, always ready to follow me and carry my “perfect photographer’s” paraphernalia.
Since our return to France I’m trying my best to capture the delicate and too often ignored beauty of our “backyard’s” nature.
Through this site I would like to share with you some magical moments and emotions experienced in the wilderness here, in France, and during my journeys to other countries.
I hope you’ll enjoy your visit and please do let me know your impressions in the Guestbook created for that purpose.

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