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H U A N G S H A N.   I N S P I R A T I O N A L   M O M E N T S

You don't need to see any more mountains after seeing "The Five Mountains",
And you don't need to see the other four mountains after seeing Huangshan.
Xu Xiake

Huangshan. Inspirational Moments

Huangshan, Yellow Mountains, Celestial Mounts...
From time immemorial millions climbed up its abrupt slopes, its steep and sometimes very narrow stairs.
Thousands of poems were written. Thousands of pictures were painted. Hundreds of millions of photos were taken.
For a long time I believed these were unreal landscapes, coming from the exuberant imagination of the bygone painters.
Then I discovered the work of Mark Riboud, Wang Wusheng, Michael Kenna and Art Wolf.
The dream to see these mountains was born, it even became an obsession.
Three trips done at different times, almost two months to explore this legendary massif, head in clouds,
eyes wide opened in wonder in front of so much beauty and magic.
Grandiose, amazing, mysterious, spellbinding... no superlative is excessive.
An ephemeral and timeless splendour at the same time.
Scenes created by an uninterrupted game of ethereal fog, changing every other minute, with rocks and trees.
The granite peaks, shaped by time and elements, float in a sometimes serene and cosy ocean of clouds, sometimes in an agitated and threatening one,
appearing and vanishing such as ghosts to the liking of the whims of Chi Po, the Chinese God of winds.
The hundred-year-old or young pines, sculpted into bonsais by weather and the nature of the soil,
soften the severe aspects of the rocks and of the abrupt cliffs by playing hide and seek with the clouds.
It is possible to remain the hours to gaze upon this show without getting tired of it.
To be there among these breathtakingly high peaks, to touch the harsh bark of these incredible pines, to brush past the clouds...
It is a unique place, an unforgettable pilgrimage...

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