Nature & Inspiration

L'hiver s'est abattu sur toute floraison.
Des arbres dépouillés dressent à l'horizon
Leurs squelettes blanchis ainsi que des fantômes.
Guy de Maupassant

Hokkaido. Out of White

At the end of the earth, in the depths of winter, an island,
covered by voluptuous snow coat reveals its wonders generously to those who take the trouble come to it.
Not much populated, compared with other regions of Japan,
Hokkaido is a huge white canvas where preserved Nature creates his masterpieces.
In this monochrome winter environment every stick becomes a brush stroke,
every tree is transformed into calligraphy, an open-air gallery where suggestion supplants realism.
A tree, a very powerful symbol, was always a source of inspiration for me.
A footbridge between the earth and the sky, every tree is a universe to itself, changing over seasons.

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